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Why whole foods?
Brain filled with whole foods

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* Resetting Normal is not primarily a source of recipes, but I have included some to show how easy it can be to prepare whole foods from scratch. I point to other sources – recipe books and websites, and the book gives guidance on how to choose whole food recipes. I will, from time to time, add recipes to this website.

Featured Vegetable

Chayote Squash

Chayote Squash

What the bleep is chayote? I didn’t know, so I did some research about this vegetable and it appears that I’ve been missing out on a great-tasting, easy-to-prepare veggie.

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Featured Grain

Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Brown rice is the whole grain of rice with only the outermost layer (hull) removed. This leaves each grain with a coating of bran, which gives the rice its brown color and makes it more chewy.

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Girl enthusiastically eating a stack of pancakes
<div class="rn-image-caption">Remember the joy of eating?</div>

Main/Side Dishes

Bean & Bacon Soup

Bean and bacon is a hearty soup that’s especially good in cold weather and makes a complete meal with the addition of a salad. This recipe is a good approximation of the canned variety.

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Desserts & Snacks

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