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the end of yo-yobesity
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What is yo-yobesity?

Yo-yobesity is the gradual weight gain resulting from yo-yo dieting (endless up-the-scale/down-the-scale cycles).

How can resetting normal help?

It provides an Action Plan for yo-yo dieters to end yo-yobesity, normalize their weight, and effortlessly keep it stable for the rest of their lives.

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Research shows that over time, yo-yo dieters – the people who try every diet program out there but never find one that sticks – typically gain more weight than they lose, and that results in “yo-yobesity”.

Tessa Wizon was one of those people until she found a way to break the pattern. Abandoning standard weight loss advice, Tessa devised a fresh approach that helped her lose the weight she wanted and keep it off for over 12 years.

Resetting Normal offers Tessa’s unique method and provides yo-yo dieters with an achievable action plan to end their yo-yobesity – that gradual weight gain that results when the dieting cycle’s up-the-scale exceeds down-the-scale. Tessa shows how you can attack and defeat the real underlying causes of yo-yobesity by winning four battles – the Battle of the Mind, the Battle of Activity, the Battle of Quality, and the Battle of Quantity.

This is not a diet book! Tessa’s approach will remove all dietary stress from your life. You won’t need to count calories, fat grams, carbs or anything else. You won’t gain weight from holidays or vacations. No diets, no scale, no BMI calculations. For yo-yo dieters who want to escape the endless cycle of weight gain and disappointment, this is a completely different way to normalize your weight without dieting and effortlessly keep it stable for the rest of your life.


Tessa Wizon’s approach to achieving optimal weight loss will inspire many to change their habits and even their deep-seated beliefs about food and health. This book will help others in its honesty about the lifelong commitments that are necessary and the straight talk on the influences of the food industry on our weight and overall health. 

Erin MacDougall, PhD

Food Policy and Public Health Professional

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