Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had fun during your holidays. I had so much going on in November and December that I didn’t post any new articles or even send out a newsletter. I apologize for that and promise to be better about it in 2019.

Perhaps it’s quiet for you now, the cold reality of winter is setting in and you’re thinking about how you can make 2019 a better year. No doubt you’ve seen the usual commercials for diets and gym memberships – January is the prime time for this tsunami of weight loss/exercise ads. Most of us are full of goodies and feeling stuffed so we’re very vulnerable to this marketing ploy.

But try to resist!

I remember when I was a member of a gym, January was the worst time to go work out there. Why? Even by 5:30 am there was hardly a piece of equipment free. Everyone eager to tackle their New Year’s resolutions to get fit and lose weight descended on the gym with enthusiasm. The sad thing was, those of us who were regulars knew that by February it would all be back to normal – lots of empty space – all the newcomers, having run out of steam, lapsed back into their old habits. It might have been lack of time or pressure at work, but in many cases it was disappointment that they hadn’t lost the weight they were promised would happen with exercise.

I also remember myself, family and friends eagerly starting their diets January 2nd, full of hope that this time we would lose the weight and keep it off for good. Losing some weight usually worked for a while, maybe even six months, but keeping it off for good? Never. That’s because the changes required were too big, too foreign to our normal behavior, and took way too much effort.

Those of you who have read my book Resetting Normal know why this is such a terrible pattern to fall into. And that I found a better, easier way to tackle the problem. I hope that this year you will seriously try my method. You have one full year to reset your normal so that you can slide into 2020 lighter, fitter, and healthier and you won’t feel compelled to start a diet or run out and join a gym to punish yourself for your holiday behavior. You can enjoy the treats of the holidays and then just return to your new normal.

As always, the companion workbook for Resetting Normal is available free here: Resetting Normal Workbook.

And if you really overdid it over the holidays and are looking for something less filling, easy and quick to prepare, try this Super-Fast Spinach Rice Soup. Depending on your hunger level, it can be a main, side dish or lunch item. The added bonus is that you can make an omnivore or vegetarian/vegan version by simply using chicken broth or vegetable broth. And while I personally don’t see any reason to avoid rice, if you really want to, you could use riced cauliflower instead.

Have any questions or comments about the Resetting Normal method? Ask them on the Contact page.

My wish for you: Eat Well, Be Active, Live Long, and Be Happy!

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

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